Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beach Bum

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                                                     Society for the Emancipation of Boys

I am an individual guy who has no problem with fem equality.

 But when fems try to dominate male freedoms by covert put downs such as 'budgie smuggler' or wearing 'a speedo' my response is go and take a look at your own narrow minded gender stereotyping.

People are individuals if a boy wants to wear a thong then he should not feel inhibited by the fashion  femi-nazi's.
 I am who I am and I will wear what I want to wear and I encourage boys of all ages to do the same an not be conformist sheep.

Tell the fashion femi-nazi's and the homophobes can go take a hike...


Boy Swim Thong

                                                                    Beach Bums

Here's a couple of pics of friends who enjoy swimming free of the restriction of baggie board short fashion..

So why should females dictate what boys wear at the beach?

Swim tanga and thong courtesy of

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boys Swim Tanga

This kind of swim wear and underwear was very popular in the mid too late 70,s on the beaches of Europe and Australia ( yes even Bondi Beach)

The hi cut string sides contoured a young male physique and are very comfortable to wear.

Boys in thongs

Why is it that in this day and age the feminists and moralists try to dicate what fashion boys should conform too?

Wearing a boy  thong or slightly more modest boy Tanga is a liberating experience.

It provides basic support without the feel hide it all fashion boxers etc.

Long live the thong!!!


Wearing a swim Tanga is about freedom of expression. Boys in Germany are among the most uninhibited in the world. Probably because of the countries liberal naturist laws.
Its good to see them not conform to burger fed fat fashion of the boxer barons.